Dr Yan Wu
Senior Lecturer
Media & Communication
Telephone: (01792) 513273
Room: Office - 419
Fourth Floor
Keir Hardie Building
Singleton Campus

While completing my MA degree in International Journalism in Beijing (1995 -1998), I worked as an intern journalist for both the Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television. I was also regularly contributing feature stories for national broadsheet newspapers including The Guangming Daily, The Legal Daily, China Business Times and China Daily (in English). I worked four years as a lecturer in International Journalism at the Communication University of China after graduation.

Granted an Overseas Research Students Award, I came to Wales in 2002. While completing my PhD at Cardiff University, I was assisting teaching on two core undergraduate modules and also worked for an EU-sponsored project, POLITIS: Building Europe with New Citizens? (2005-2006) and the ESRC-funded project, ‘Always On’: Continuous Broadband and Household Dynamics (2007). I moved to take up my current post as Lecturer in Media Studies at Swansea University in August 2007.

Currently, I coordinate the MA Comparative Journalism apart from delivering teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I would welcome applications from candidates who are interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of the role of journalism in a global context and how information communication technologies have reshaped journalism as a profession.

I also welcome applications from doctoral candidates who wish to work in the fields of global media and comparative journalism, or any area of media and the public sphere, computer-mediated communication, and migration and communication.


  1. Wu, Y., Wall, M. Prosumers in a digital multiverse: An investigation of how WeChat is affecting Chinese citizen journalism Global Media and China 4 1 36 51
  2. Wu, Y., Lindsay, S., Cable, J., Jones, R., Evans, L., Xie, X. Digital Media Usage of Sensory Impaired Users in Wales 2018 Report
  3. Wu, Y., Zhang, Y. Opportunities of and challenges to building a digitally Inclusive society: the case of the UK 构建数字共融社会的机遇和挑战——英国个案研究 Modern Communication 现代传播 21 3 130 135
  4. Wu, Y. Micro-blogging as a Rapid Response News Service in Crisis Reporting: The 2011 Wenzhou Train Crash Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies Journal

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  • MS-200 Theorising the Media

    The principle aim of the course is to enable examination of a diverse range of modern media theories to probe their relevance to our everyday lives: how far do they further our understanding of the role and influence of media and communication? Each lecture will assist in developing a critical perspective on a major theorist or major theme which binds together a school of thought. Every effort will be made to trace the evolution of theoretical perspectives as they emerge over time and to encompass the various foci which gain prominence as attention shifts from effects to reception, from indoctrination to active resistance and empowerment and the new postmodern information age holds sway.

  • MS-302 Media, Gender and Sexuality

    This module looks at the history of research on gender and media and the theoretical approaches that informed this research. Students are encouraged to think critically about the ever changing representations of gender and sexuality in a range of different media and the interpretation and use of different media among different audience groups.

  • MS-310 Dissertation Preparation

    This course introduces the practice of dissertation writing and research approaches for the study of media forms. texts and systems and their contribution to social life. It begins to explore the breadth of media studies through attention to the ways in which media matter. In what ways, and how significant are the media in the formation of individual identities and in the practices of everyday life? In the more public world, to what extent are media key to providing knowledge and enabling the debate necessary to the practices of democracy? The course enables students to build on their own experiences of media as consumers and users. But it also encourages critical attention to how the field of media studies has historically been forged: through argument and contestation between different academic approaches and disciplines.

  • MS-311 Dissertation

    This dissertation enables students to engage in long term, in-depth research on a topic of their choice subject to the approval of the Department.

  • MS-M10 Dissertation or Project

    An innovative practice-based alternative to a Masters dissertation. Students are encouraged to develop projects across more than one area of media practice and to do so with dual supervision that embraces both theory and practice. Work produced should be at a professional level, accompanied by a reflective essay and presentation exploring the contextual, theoretical and practical issues raised by the project.

  • MS-M11 MA Project and Dissertation Preparation

    This core module comprehensively prepares students for their Master¿s project or dissertation, which is an integral part of the requirements for the degree. It incorporates several key themes and issues across the communications, media practice and PR industries. It is a challenging, and stimulating module ¿ both for professional practitioners and those new to communications and media practice. The module encourages students to unite theory and practice in productive ways. It introduces students to a number of important research and project management methods essential for undertaking a successful project or dissertation.

  • MS-X270 MS-X720 The University of Oklahoma

    This module is delivered at The University of Oklahoma, for those students who partipate in an Exchange Programme

  • MS-X271 MS-X271 University of Oklahoma

    This module is delivered at The University of Oklahoma, for those students who partipate in an Exchange Programme

  • MS-X272 MS-X272 The University of Oklahoma

    This module is delivered at The University of Oklahoma, for those students who partipate in an Exchange Programme

  • MS-X273 MX-S273 The University of Oklahoma

    This module is delivered at The University of Oklahoma, for those students who partipate in an Exchange Programme

  • MSJM01 Global Media

    This module provides an overview of the structure and political economy of global communication. It considers the implications of global infrastructure on international news flow.


  • Soft power and communication--- a qualitative study of soft power communication journey of ‘China’s Dream’ (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Richard Thomas
  • The thesis title remains the same (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Matthew Wall
  • Young People, Media and Social Activism: A case study of Occupy Central Movement 2014 in Hong Kong. (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Rhys Jones
  • Internet-mediated Political Mobilization in China: The case of Environmental Politics«br /»«br /»«br /»«br /»«br /»«br /» I do intend to amend this title but will wait until my literature review and research questions are more fully developed. (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Gerard Clarke