Mr Iwan Williams
Lecturer in Public Relations
Media & Communication
Telephone: (01792) 606326


  • MS-310 Dissertation Preparation

    This course introduces the practice of dissertation writing and research approaches for the study of media forms. texts and systems and their contribution to social life. It begins to explore the breadth of media studies through attention to the ways in which media matter. In what ways, and how significant are the media in the formation of individual identities and in the practices of everyday life? In the more public world, to what extent are media key to providing knowledge and enabling the debate necessary to the practices of democracy? The course enables students to build on their own experiences of media as consumers and users. But it also encourages critical attention to how the field of media studies has historically been forged: through argument and contestation between different academic approaches and disciplines.

  • MS-311 Dissertation

    This dissertation enables students to engage in long term, in-depth research on a topic of their choice subject to the approval of the Department.

  • MS-344 Sports Public Relations

    The Sports Public Relations module will offer an advanced level introduction to the role communications play within the sporting arena, and how public relations, advertising, marketing, branding and social media help shape our perceptions of its stars, teams and disciplines. Through a combination of theoretical analyses, practical assignments and dissection of recent and historical case studies, we will explore how communication ensures sport today is as much about business as it is about entertainment for fans. Over the course of the module, students will each develop and implement an authentic multi-media and cross-platform promotional campaign for one of Swansea University's many Sports Societies. A Sports Public Relations Symposium will be held during Week 4, where students will learn about the practical realities of sports public relations practitioners' professional lives. This will also form a part of the module's assessment methodology.

  • MS-M10 Dissertation

    An innovative practice-based alternative to a Masters dissertation. Students are encouraged to develop projects across more than one area of media practice and to do so with dual supervision that embraces both theory and practice. Work produced should be at a professional level, accompanied by a reflective essay and presentation exploring the contextual, theoretical and practical issues raised by the project.

  • MS-M11 MA Project and Dissertation Preparation

    This core module comprehensively prepares students for their Master¿s project or dissertation, which is an integral part of the requirements for the degree. It incorporates several key themes and issues across the communications, media practice and PR industries. It is a challenging, and stimulating module ¿ both for professional practitioners and those new to communications and media practice. The module encourages students to unite theory and practice in productive ways. It introduces students to a number of important research and project management methods essential for undertaking a successful project or dissertation.

  • MSP100R Public Relations: Strategic Communications

    Public Relations is a rapidly developing industry, but it remains a challenge for both academics and practitioners to distinguish between those activities which are classed specifically as PR and those that might be determined to be promotion. This introductory module considers definitions of PR and promotion as well as PR theories and history. Providing students with a mixture of theory and practice, the module examines techniques used for PR and promotion and teaches students the fundamentals of creating a promotional campaign. Students will be introduced to specific techniques such as campaign planning, writing a press release and developing creative campaign ideas. Particular emphasis is placed on media relations and the role that PR plays in influencing news agendas and public opinion.

  • MSP201R Digital Public Relations Practice

    The Digital Public Relations Practice module will introduce students to the skills and knowledge required to develop and deliver a successful public relations campaign, using a series of practical exercises. Despite having a practical focus, the module will also conentrate on public relations at a strategic and management level, so that students can use theory to enhance the crdibility of their practical work. The practical work will simulate a PR consultancy environment and students will experience the roles, responsibilities, organisational structures, protocol and briefings required for creating and running an effective public relations campaign within a new media digital environment. The module will: - introduce the strategies and tactics used in public relations - highlight the importance of market research techniques to PR - introduce and explain the use of digital tactical public relations tools - develop the skills required to build a successful digital campaign - provide an understanding of digital media relations in practice

  • MSW207 Cyfathrebu Digidol

    Bydd y modiwl hwn yn cyflwyno myfyrwyr i¿r sgiliau a¿r wybodaeth anghenrheidiol er mwyn datblygu a chyflwyno ymgyrch cysylltiadau cyhoeddus lwyddiannus, gan ddefnyddio cyfres o weithgareddau ymarferol. Er bod pwyslais ymarferol i¿r modiwl, bydd hefyd yn canolbwyntio ar gysylltiadau cyhoeddus ar lefel rheolaeth a strategol, fel bod modd i¿r myfyrwyr ddefnyddio theori er mwyn dyfnhau a chyfoethogi eu gwaith ymarferol. Bydd y gwaith ymarferol yn efelychu naws cwmni ymgynghori cysylltiadau cyhoeddus a bydd cyfle i¿r myfyrwyr brofi¿r swyddi, cyfrifioldebau, strwythurau trefniadol, protocol a¿r cyfarwyddiadau briffio sydd eu hangen ar gyfer creu a rhedeg ymgyrch cysylltiadau cyhoeddus effeithiol.

  • MSW209 Creu Testunau Newyddion Ar-lein

    Nod yw modiwl hwn yw rhoi cyfle i fyfyrwyr feistroli sgiliau digidol ym maes newyddion ar-lein. Byddant yn derbyn hyfforddiant ar sgiliau ymarferol ac yn dod i ddeall egwyddorion newyddion er mwyn creu cynnyrch o'u dewis. Bydd cyfle i rannu eu syniad mewn asesiad 'pitch' gyda chynrychiolydd diwydiant sy'n cynorthwyo'r staff gyda'r asesu. The aim of this module is to provide an opportunity for students to master digital skills in the on-line news enviornment, They will receive training on practical skills and gain an understanding of news principles so as to prepare content of their choice. There will be an opportunity to share their idea in a pitch assessment with an industry representative who assists staff with the assessment.

  • MSW308 Cyfathrebu Corfforaethol

    Mae'r modiwl hwn yn edrych ar ofynion cyfathrebu corfforaethol sefydliadau mawr ar draws y sectorau preifat a chyhoeddus. Mae'n dadansoddi'r theori a realiti ymarferol o reoli enw da corfforaethol, cyfathrebu adeg argyfwng a'r rôl sydd gan gyfathrebu wrth sicrhau parhad busnes. Bydd hefyd yn edrych ar elfennau ymarferol fel hyfforddiant yn y cyfryngau a'r gofynion statudol sy'n sail i'r gwaith o ddatblygu adroddiadau blynyddol effeithiol. This module explores the corporate communications requirements of large organisations across the private and public sectors. It analyses the theory and practical realities of corporate reputation management, crisis communications and the role communications play in business continuity. It will also look at practical elements such as media training and the statutory requirements that underpin the development of effective annual reports.