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I am interested in the health and culture of the early and central middle ages in Europe, and am currently working on two major research projects:

I previously worked on:

  • The Enclosed Garden: Pleasure, Contemplation and Cure in the Medieval Hortus Conclusus (PI Professor Liz Herbert McAvoy), in which my role was to explore examples of historical enclosed gardens and their owners. Project blog here

I co-edit Social History of Medicine and work part-time at Swansea in a research development role.


  1. Skinner, P. Amalfitans in the caliphate of Cordoba - or not? Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean 24 2 125 138
  2. Skinner, P. From Pisa to the patriarchate: chapters in the life of (Arch)Bishop Daibert (Ed.), Challenging the Boundaries of the Middle Ages: the Legacy of Timothy Reuter 155 172 Turnhout Brepols
  3. Skinner, P. Medieval Writings on Secular Women (Ed.), London Penguin Classics
  4. Skinner, P. Three in a million - an epistemological study of a Portsmouth art project International Journal of Cultural Studies

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  • Recorded Responses to Epilepsy in Europe in the Central Medieval Period (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof David Turner

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