Professor Michael Sheehan
Professor Emeritus (Arts & Humanities)
College of Arts and Humanities
Telephone: (01792) 602215

Michael previously worked at the University of Aberdeen, where he was Director of the Scottish Centre for International Security, and at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. He joined the Department in 2004.


  1. Sheehan, M. Outer Space and Indigenous Security: Sweden’s ESRANGE Launch Site and the Human Security of the Sami (Ed.), Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic: local and indigenous communities 122 140 Leiden, The Netherlands Brill
  2. Hossain, K., Zojer, G., Greaves, W., Roncero, J., Sheehan, M. Constructing Arctic security: an inter-disciplinary approach to understanding security in the Barents region Polar Record 53 01 52 66
  3. Petrétei, A., Sheehan, M. The Security of the Sami People. (Ed.), Understanding the Many Faces of Human Security 139 172 Brill
  4. Sheehan, M. Gleichgewicht der Krafte in einem anarchischen Staatensystem (Ed.), Stabilitat Durch Gleichgewicht? 183 201 Paderborn Ferdinand Schoningh
  5. Sheehan, M. The Changing Character of War’ (Ed.), The Globalisation of World Politics 215 228 Oxford

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  • PO-118 War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

    In this module you will examine the history of the international system from the end of the Second World War to the present day. It will provide an examination of the origins of the Cold War, how the two superpowers managed their relationship during the Cold War and an analysis of some of the key features of the post-Cold War world. We begin by assessing the rise of the USA and USSR and the emergence of deterrence. The failure of the US policy of containment in Vietnam and the emergence of tripolarity and detente in the 1970s then follows. By the beginning of the 1980s the superpowers relations had worsened and it was the time of the Second Cold War. Yet within ten years the Cold War that had dominated international relations since 1945 would be over. Why did it end, and who won will be questions for you to answer. The module will then examine the challenges facing the international system in the aftermath of the Cold War. Challenges ranging from failed states and military intervention to the rise of China and the re-emergence of Russia, and we conclude by asking, in the post 9/11 era, are we facing a clash of civilisations?


  • 'No plan survives first contact with the enemy': British airborne deployments in World War Two with particular reference to Operation Tonga and Operation Market Garden. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Sheehan
    Other supervisor: Dr Gerard Oram
  • UAE Tribalism and Security Challenges to National Security (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Mr Robert Bideleux
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Sheehan
  • 'The politics of space cooperation as part of President Clinton''''s Russia policy: the Shuttle-Mir programme' (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Dr Mark Evans
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Sheehan
  • 'An effectiveness Analysis of National Counter-Terrorist Financing Systems' (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Dr Luca Trenta
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Sheehan