Dr Selina O'Doherty
Honorary Lecturer
College of Arts and Humanities
Telephone: (01792) 513607

Selina completed her PhD at the University of South Wales. Her thesis “Harming by degrees: the responsibility to pre-emptively protect future victims of climate change” focused on transnational harm and intergenerational justice. Prior to her PhD she completed an MScEcon in Postcolonial Politics at Aberystwyth University and a B.A. (Hons) in International Relations from Dublin City University. Her current research is in the area of activism and the duty of assistance. She is a member of BISA, ISA, EISA and the Climate Ethics network.

Areas of Expertise

  • Power and Resistance in International Relations
  • Climate justice
  • Political Agency, Responsibility and Duty
  • Climate change and intergenerational justice
  • Human rights and Humanitarian intervention
  • Postcolonial politics
  • The Third World and the Politics of Development
  • Harm in World Politics
  • Foucault and International Relations


  • PO-M78 Tools for International Development

    This module is a practical skills-orientated course aimed at enhancing the planning and management capabilities of those already working in development or wishing to become development professionals. An important focus is on skills acquisition, and there is a strong emphasis on student-led learning, planning exercises, individual and group presentations, and case-study work. It is the only module open for non-engineers in the Semester 2 streams. It builds on some of skills acquired in Semester 2 module 'Monitoring & Impact Evaluation" but also introduces a whole set of new tools for international development, aimed to increase the success rate and impact of any development intervention, whether of an engineering nature or social or economic one.