A comedy writer and performer since the age of 21 when she became a finalist in BBC1’s The Stand up Show. A contribution writer of sketches for radio she reviewed DVDs and briefly presented the Comedy Zone on BBC Radio 7. Her radio comedy “Death Plays Black” was short listed as part of the BBC Witty and Twisted series.

Specialising in script writing for radio, television and film she has been a commissioned writer for Talkback Thames projects and continues to write and perform the internationally touring show The Bad Film Club.

Areas of Expertise

  • Screenwriting
  • Comedy writing
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Creative writing
  • Non fiction
  • Writing for stage
  • Writing for radio


  1. Vaughan, N. Cut To Baker Street: The On-Screen Adventures of Holmes and Watson London MX Publishing
  2. Vaughan, N. The Incredibly Handy and Amazingly Useful Screenwriter's Notebook Morrisville, North Carolina, United States Lulu publishing and Orange Pip Books

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  • EN-118 Creative Writing: Styles of Fiction

    An innovative module that will introduce the student to the art of writing within a broad range of styles. Weekly lectures will introduce each student to authors of specific styles, such as poetry, writing for theatre, song writing and professional writing. Each lecture will be followed by a seminar that will focus on a variety of methods used to write in that specific style. Regular assignments will offer the student an opportunity to write creatively - a unique opportunity to expand, discover, and explore their emerging writerly voice. Built into the module is a wide reaching reading programme that will assist each student to be conversant with the traditions of writing in a specific genre, whilst encouraging close reading and editing skills. Students will be taught by published authors who work within these particular genres, and will also have the opportunity to hear these authors read & discuss their own new work and works-in-progress. The module aims to examine the structure, voice, setting and style, of specific written material so as to initiate curiosity, create empathy, and focus on increasing an understanding of the structures used within research, writing character, setting and historical context in a specific style. Emphasis will be placed on the theory and practice of reading, comprehension and writing.

  • EN-3026 Creative Writing Personal Project

    Students taking this module must submit a portfolio of creative writing of between 7-8,000 words in any genre, subject to Departmental approval. The Personal Project is an independent study module for which each student will receive 5 hours of individual or group supervision. Supervisions will take place at regular intervals with set targets, and will primarily involve feedback on the style and structure of the submission.

  • EN-3048 Professional Development: Preparing for Work

    This module provides students with the context to critically engage with and access relevant industrial experiences and practices to help develop an understanding of how to gain employment within a professional working environment. There will be 11 x 3 hour theory/workshop classes which will help prepare students for working as part of a company or institution as well as working as a freelance. Lecture topics include how to structure CVs; how to write effective cover letters; understanding student¿s skills and matching them to employer¿s needs; finding employment; researching the jobs market. Sessions will also contain a formal lecture as well as workshops, mock interviews and one to one discussion in order to tailor Personal Development Profiles to the individual.

  • EN-3055 Graphic Novel

    What are graphic novels, and how do they relate to their component terms, ¿graphic¿ and ¿novel¿? How do we read graphic novels? What are their antecedents, and how do contemporary works speak to the development of the form? Through an examination of two key texts, Bryan Talbot¿s Alice in Sunderland and Carol Swain¿s Gast, this module combines a focus on the literary and visual to equip students with the skills to analyse and understand how graphic novels signify, and how they explore and challenge a range of themes and ideas. In addition to an attention to form and the visual, students will apply critical and theoretical approaches to consider themes and concepts such as distinctions between ¿high¿ and ¿low¿ art, storytelling, identity, history and psycho-geography.

  • EN-306 Writing for Radio and Screen

    This module consists of a series of weekly workshops in the theory and practice of writing for performance. It will clarify how writing for film and audio differ from stage and will include specific teaching sessions and assignments in these areas of performance writing. The Course will be taught by tutor-led discussion and work shop based exercises; various writing techniques will be contextualised through a diverse range of books, films and audio plays. Students will be presented with a number of different strategies and systems for structuring a script in order to enhance dramatic writing. Emphasis will be placed throughout on the practicalities of developing near professional scripts. Consideration will be given to the collaborative aspects of performance writing and the requirements and contributions of other professionals (actors, designers, directors, producers etc) in the development of a script. The development process will involve work-shopping scripts with peers and receiving formative tutor feedback in addition to ongoing communal discussion and constructive feedback. The student is asked to submit two portfolios, the first will be a radio script of up to 2,500 words (the equivalent of 10 -12 pages of formatted script) plus a 500 word reflective essay. The second will be a short film script of a maximum of 2,500 words (the equivalent of 10 -12 pages of formatted script) plus a 500 word reflective essay. The first assignment will be worth one-third of the overall module mark, the second assignment two thirds.

  • ENMD00 Creative Writing Dissertation

    Individual Creative Writing project devised and defined in discussion between supervisor and student (within the parameters pertaining to genre detailed in the MA Creative Writing handbook)

  • MS-M01 Screenwriting

    This module examines the principles, skills and techniques of writing for the scree, including film and television.


  • Knitters! (No change at this stage) (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Nicola Vaughan
    Other supervisor: Prof David Britton

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
1995 Present Writer Freelance