Huw Bowen is a specialist on British economic, imperial, maritime, and political history, with a particular interest in Britain’s commercial relations with Asia between 1600 and 1850.  Among his many publications are three books published by Cambridge University Press:  Revenue and Reform: The Indian Problem in British Politics, 1757-1773 (1991); War and British Society, 1688-1815 (1996); and The Business of Empire: The East India Company and Imperial Britain, 1756-1833 (2007).  He is currently exploring how the global copper industry shaped the industrial development of the Swansea Valley.  On behalf of Swansea University he leads the Cu @ Swansea project, a major cross-sector heritage-led economic regeneration project located in the Lower Swansea Valley.  For more on this project see  Huw Bowen is the founding editor of the research monograph series 'The Worlds of the East India Company'.  He is Fellow of the Royal Historical Society; Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences; and Member of the Institute of Directors.


  1. Bowen, H. The East India Company and the island of Johanna (Anjouan) during the long eighteenth century International Journal of Maritime History 30 2 218 233
  2. Bowen, H. Wales and British India During the Late Eighteenth Century Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion
  3. Bowen, H. The consumption of British manufactured goods in India, 1765-1813: a prologue (Ed.), Towards a history of consumption in South Asia 26 50 New Delhi Oxford University Press
  4. Bowen, H. Bullion for trade, war, and debt-relief: British movements of silver to, around, and from Asia, 1760-1833 Modern Asian Studies 44 3 445 475
  5. Bowen, H. Britain in the Indian Ocean region and beyond: contexts, contours, and the creation of a global maritime empire. (Ed.), Britain's oceanic empire: Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds c.1550-1850 45 65 Cambridge Cambridge University Press

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