Sport and Exercise Science postgraduate study

The Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM) research centre offers research postgraduate courses.

Our courses:  

Sports science
Sports science

Current postgraduate research interests

  • The Power Load Relationship in Elite Swimmers
  • Towards A Grounded Theory of Retention and Drop-Out in Youth Rugby Union
  • The Role of Action Plans and Intrinsic Motivation in Goal Success
  • A Longitudinal Examination of Stressors, Appraisals and Coping in Youth Swimming
  • Reliability and Validity of the PUSH Device to Estimate Lower Body Power Output
  • Impact of Key GPS Variables on Recovery Patterns in Professional Soccer Players
  • The Effect of Weather Conditions on Rugby Union
  • Maturation, Player Characteristics and Player Development in U15 Junior Rugby in Wales
  • Children's Physical Activity Report Card
  • Determinants of Health and Fitness Parameters in 9-11 Year Old Primary School Children In Swansea
  • Non-Invasive Monitoring of Cardiac Function Decline Accompanying Chemotherapy
  • Impact of Single and Multiple Sets of Resistance Exercise in Type 1 Diabetes

Erasmus Mundus MA Sports Ethics and Integrity