Welcome to the most diverse sporting club in Swansea University!

We are Volleyball and we love and live for the sport! We range from high-level competition all the way down to beginners (the kinks of which are being worked out as you read this).

Training times are as follows:  

  • 1.5 hrs on Tuesday for Ladies 2 and Men’s 2 
  • 2hrs on Thursday for Men’s 1 
  • 2hrs on Friday for Ladies 1 

Stay up to date by following our social accounts (listed below) and keep your eyes peeled for a link to our registration form for try-outs, as of now the dates are uncertain but will be held in the week beginning 28/09/20. 

There are a few requirements to join the 1st or 2nd teams as this year we cannot just let anyone try out because COVID has meant the ability to have large indoor sessions is nearly non-existent. So if you know your position as well as the 4-2 and 5-1 rotation we would be happy to have you try out for the 1st teams, if you have played before (at school or club level) but don’t know your position, 2nd team would be the best to try out for. 

Please sign up for the most appropriate training here: 


If we do not feel you meet the level of the team you’re trying out for (i.e. you’ve never played before and are trying for first team you may be asked to leave so please be honest!). 

You can register for the club on the official Student Union website. 

The Volleyball Sports team
The Volleyball Sports team