We are excited to welcome you to Taekwondo!

We welcome all students, no matter what level of martial arts ability you may have there will be something on offer for you.  

We offer sessions designed to help you improve key skills which include: 

  • Fitness 
  • Self Defence 
  • Coordination, Flexibility and balance 
  • Sparring training for competition 
  • Traditional Patterns and line work  

All of this is on offer while giving you the opportunity to meet new friends in our close-knit members group. We also offer Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic social events over the course of the academic year to help you to get to know all the members of the club. With Covid-19 allowing we will hope to have another group holiday abroad next summer  

Should you be interested in getting involved in Taekwondo competitions there are many already planned including World and European championships after Christmas, these are not only a great opportunity to test your abilities on a big stage but also to get to know students from other universities in the National Student squad. 

Our current training time is 7pm-9pm on Fridays in the Pavilion, we don’t normally offer freshers only taster session, instead you will be given your first 3 sessions completely free to try out the club. 

Annual membership: £12.50 

Training sessions: £3 each 

You can register for the club on the official Student Union website. 

Still have some questions? Contact us on our social pages (links below) or email taekwondo@swansea-sports.co.uk  

The Tae Kwon Do Sports team
The Tae Kwon Do Sports team
The Tae Kwon Do Sports team