Welcome to Swansea Snowriders- We are here to provide you with all you may need for snow related activities! 

As one of the biggest sports clubs in the university, we run regular dry ski slope trips on Tuesdays. For only £10 you get travel to and from the dry slope, ski/snowboard rental and any lessons you may need! Whatever skill level you are come along for a fun time! We also set up freestyle & slalom courses and have regular races throughout the year. 

For those of you who are interested in racing whether you are a beginner or a pro we take part in Kings Racing (Western League) and The Dryslope Championship (BUDS); where we are heading over to Stoke in the middle of April. It's one of the biggest weekends of the year, not to be missed!  

Additionally we run two mad ski trips, one at Christmas and one at Easter. They are the pinnacle of university ski life and not to be missed! More details on our trips are available via our social media accounts.  

We are putting in measures to adhere to current covid guidelines and are still planning on providing you with a taste of the mountains this year. 

Make sure you sign up using the following link: 


We hope you all choose to join us this year, and help us make the club bigger and better than ever! 

Piste and Love x 

You can register for the club on the official Student Union website. 

Still have some questions? Contact us on our social pages (links below) or email snowriders@swansea-sports.co.uk 

The Snowriders Sports team
The Snowriders Sports team