Swansea Lifesaving Team is a sports club that can cater for all abilities. Whether you want to keep up fitness, learn new skills for life, work towards competitions or just have a bit of fun, we are the club for you! 


Training is Mondays 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Fitness based) in the Wales National Pool

                     General fitness sessions will run during an afternoon/evening one day a week. 

We also do regular first aid training and hope to utilise our great location by putting on beach sessions throughout the year. 


We have lots of socials, including lifeguard themes, drinking Olympics and more. We also have plenty of non-drinking socials if that's more your thing! 


Membership is only £15 for the year. Training is £3 per pool session, £1 per other session or £85 for the entire year. If you pay the £85 you get access to all pool sessions, first aid sessions and beach sessions. This year we have set it up so that the £85 can be paid in two instalments at the start of each semester, which will hopefully be a bit kinder on your bank account! 

Your first session if free, no matter what time of the year! 

Still have some questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more info on any of our social medias (links below) or email Lifesaving@swansea-sports.co.uk  

*Please note that due to the recent COVID situation, we are looking at alternatives for training. This could mean our training locations/Times and fees could change slightly to the information above. The information will be published on our social media as well as on here as soon as we know. 

The Lifesaving Sports team
The Lifesaving Sports team
The Lifesaving Sports team