At Baseball, we are a club that focuses on improving the skills required to participate in games against other universities but more importantly it fosters an inclusive atmosphere that is welcoming to all students.

Baseball is a newer club that is open to all members of any skill set, we are also Co-Ed and encourage anyone of any gender to participate. We have a full committee to be able to provide guidance on the rules as well as experienced players to help improve each player’s technical skills.

Training Sessions: 

If you are interested in joining the team as a player the commitment includes two training sessions per week, on Wednesday and Sunday from 2-4pm in Singleton Park where we will practice skills such as throwing and batting.

If you decide that playing isn’t for you, we also have the option for a social membership! Leading off of last year we had a social every Wednesday, with the occasional sober socials on other nights to enhance team bonding through other experiences. Some socials consisted of themed outfits, while others help raise money for charities of the team’s choice.

We are one of the only sports which will be operating close to normal during COVID-19 while making sure all proper precautions and guidelines set out under Baseball UK are being taken to enhance the enjoyment of the sport! We are looking forward to welcoming all the freshers and new faces into our society! #SwanseaGreenSox  

The Baseball Sports team
The Baseball Sports team