Welcome to the fastest racket sport in the world! 

Badminton is an ideal sport if you are interested in playing a sociable activity with the opportunity to play and meet new people, wanting to develop your fitness, strength and agility, and even a form of anger management (everyone needs to smash a shuttlecock hard once in a while!) 

We have three men’s teams and two women’s teams who train weekly and compete in the BUCS Leagues in various divisions on Wednesdays, as well as the famous Varsity match. 

In addition, we offer social sessions to students of all abilities so no matter whether you see yourself as a decent club player or don’t even know which end to hold the racket, we would love to see you playing and enjoying yourself. 

Themed socials occur every second Wednesday which is a great opportunity to get to know the people that you play against. Additional activities such as movie/games nights, charity events and fun tournaments also occur throughout the year. 

 Squad trials: 

Monday 28th September, 5-7:45pm – Singleton Sports Centre 

Monday 5th October, 7-10pm – Bay Campus Sports Hall 

Find our Facebook page to book a 20min time slot on the Google Sheet. Trials are free. 

 Training Sessions: 

Singleton Sports Centre – Mondays, 5-6:20pm, followed by 6:25-7:45pm 

Bay Campus Sports Hall – Mondays, 7-8:30pm, followed by 8:30-10pm 

(Time slots allocated to Squad and Social sessions to be determined) 


£10 for the year (must purchase Sports Swansea Membership prior to purchase) 

Additional £3 per 90min session attended 

 You can register for the club on the official Student Union website. 

Still have some questions? Contact us on our social pages (links below) or email badminton@swansea-sports.co.uk

The Badminton Sports team
The Badminton Sports team
The Badminton Sports team