Swansea University Athletics & Cross-Country Club currently has over 80 members, six of which currently have Welsh, English, Scottish or GB vests, and two high profile Alumni. 

The club is one of the largest sporting clubs in Swansea University. We currently attend a variety of competitions throughout the year including track events such as South West Varsity, BUCS Championship events and the iconic Welsh Varsity. We also attend a range of cross-country league and championship matches, competing against runners at all levels. 

We train at Swansea University athletics track, which has some of the best facilities in Wales and has played host to a number of international competitions including the European IPC Championships in 2014. Thanks to our strong links with Swansea Harriers, we have access to a full range of highly trained coaches 

How to get involved? 

We have training sessions almost daily. The best way to find out what ones are best for you is to contact us directly. We will reply as fast as we can, you can be sure of this as we are the fastest club on campus. You can also find this information on our website under training.  

Membership cost: 

Our Membership cost is £30. This will grant you access to any training sessions we offer 

You will also have to pay a sport Swansea fee of £25, which acts as insurance in case of injury.  

Still have some questions? Contact us on our social pages (links below), visit our website or email athletics@swansea-sports.co.uk 

The Athletics & Cross Country Sports team
The Athletics & Cross Country Sports team