Randoris Nationals 2018 was such an awesome weekend. As a university, we obtained a total of 8 medals, which is a great achievement placing us as one of the top universities participating in the event.

This is one of the few times Swansea gets so many medals, which made us all proud of the amazing club we have this year. For the first years this event can be a bit stressing as it is the first time they ever get to fight somebody that is not from their own club, adding that there is loads of people watching around them. It was incredible how well they handled the pressure and gave their best, obviously the same goes for the seniors which all did outstandingly good.

It is great to see our first years quickly develop into great jitsukas, and it is in events like this when we really get to notice how fast they are learning. But the greatness of the event is not only the competition, but also the 4 hours of training each day before the competition that give us a chance to practice with jitsukas from universities from all over the UK, and even some international clubs, and exchange knowledge on the matt greatly improving our skills.

Nationals was also a time to bond with the team, as in situations like this where you get to stay together all the time that friendships deepen. Personally, I think it was a great success!