The Swansea University Tennis Club has got off to a flying start this year. Following our successful Fresher’s Fayre where we had over 250 people express interest, we sent out emails to all students who had given us their email address inviting them to our taster session, which took place on October the 3rd. We had a huge turnout to this session, so much so that the two social secretary’s (Myself and Gaven) had to run spill over sessions. Following the session we had our first social of the year, we had a very impressive turnout indeed, it is always great to see members of the club get involved in social events. Our sponsors this year for socials are Peppermint and The Smoke Haus. This year I intend to organise a greater number of charity socials at The Smoke Haus, in lieu of feedback from last year, on alternating weeks from our other socials. These socials will likely involve less alcohol so will hopefully appeal to those in the club who’d rather drink less.

The week after our social taster session we had our first social tennis training, which is every Wednesday afternoon. This year, in order to avoid handling large amounts of cash, training is being arranged by Swansea Tennis and Squash Club. Students have to pay up front for the sessions (and they now have done). I was slightly concerned that would result in fewer people going than last year, however that didn’t happen at all, with the first advanced session (which is the one I go to, I wasn’t present at the beginner or intermediate sessions) being full, something I don’t recall ever seeing last year.

We ran our trials for the teams on the 30th of September and had a great turnout with some great talent coming through. We had particularly good turnout for the woman’s trial and there was a lengthy decision making process to pick the final team. We now have our two men’s and one women’s teams, all teams had their first game on Wednesday the 10th of October. The first men’s team beat the second men’s team (which usually means the captain’s made the right decisions on whom to pick for their teams), the women’s team unfortunately lost away to Oxford University, I was not present however I’ve been told the standard of play was very promising for the season going forward.


--  Ollie Bryce
     SU Tennis Club Social Secretary