After an early start (earlier than I would have liked) on Saturday morning the team met at 9.30a.m. to grab kit and for a final chat before we set off, bound for Oxford. But we didn’t even make it out of Swansea before winding up in McDonald’s!

After a short stop, we set off for real ready for our trip to Oxford.  A quiet journey on the way down, both cars filled with sleepy octopush players. We arrived to a warm welcome from the other teams and after a quick rundown of the day plan we moved poolside to start the fun!

We had the first match of the day, Swansea Vs York. Being only our second tournament, we were unsure what to expect, but using the energy from our early morning McDonald’s everybody played well and we took the game 3-0. First ever tournament win for Swansea!

The high energy and skill continued as the day progressed, Swansea winning 6 of 6 games in the group stages, this placed us against Oxford D in the finals. We were nervous going into the deciding game, but we gave it everything we had left and we took the match 4-2, closing out the tournament. Everybody was so excited with the result, it truly showed how far we have come as a team in just 8 weeks of training.

After a quick awards ceremony we all shot off to a small Oxford pub to enjoy a drink and some free pizza provided by our hosts. It was amazing for us to be able to chat with other teams. Time was moving quickly and sadly we had to leave to journey back home. Everybody was still buzzing with excitement, all so happy and proud of what we had achieved.

It was an amazing day. Everybody played brilliantly showing skill, grit and determination during every match. I’m excited for what the next tournament might hold, and I think the rest of the team are too.

- Mike Parker
  Octopush Co-ordinator