It was a rather wet and windy morning at the start of December when some of us from SUSAC, Cardiff, Aberystwyth University and Loughor gathered together in Fulton house to progress with Dive Leader and undertake an O2 administration course.

Although the thought of performing CPR and making sure to correctly administer O2 can be a little daunting for some little did we know that a rather catchy song that had been the source of laughter, groans and even heard on a night out by some would be used in order to help us to train to potentially save a life. You guessed it the song ‘Baby shark’ just so happens to have a beat of 115 bpm which is  the perfect beat in order to perform chest compressions  as a part of CPR without falling below the vital 100 bpm. One of the challenges of the day was to see whether we could all perform efficient CPR all to the beat of Baby shark for a full 5 minutes solo.

This meant that for the rest of the days training we all had that well known tune do do do do do do’ing in our heads, but it is a helpful reminder of what we all learnt that day. For SCUBA divers it is really important that some of us know how and when it is appropriate to perform basic life support and O2 administration as it can be vital in a life threatening situation both at sea and on land.

 On an important note however, we hope that all those that should need to undertake basic life support and CPR who is not trained to take advice from a trained first aid responder and seek help from the emergency services.