This year has been an amazing year for our club in terms of fundraising.

Our amazingly enthusiastic Secretary and committee have organised so many events that have raised an astonishing amount of money for various charities this year. Highlights of this include Dry January for Cancer Research, a sponsored abseil on Bay Campus for SOS Africa and a charity match against Bournemouth Uni for a Cystic Fibrosis charity.

One of the most important events on our calendar was our 1XV’s match against the Navy Women. This annual event was supposed to start last year, but the death of Elli Norkett left so many devastated that the event was cancelled out of respect to the players that knew her. This year the Navy offered that we split the amount raised between the Welsh Charitable Trust (a charity in memory of Elli) and the Navy Trust. It was a true act of kindness and was appreciated by many and although we didn’t win the match, we raised £310 which was the important part

We have also taken part in Sport Swansea organised events such as Ladies Day, Calon Day and Children in Need as well as organised small events like out Old Girls Match and a touch tournament.

At the moment, our total stands at around £6500 (but we intend to continue until the very end of the year!). The Men’s Rugby Club took victory at the Sports Awards because they had raised more than we had at the time but a few days after we had an influx of around £1000 that took us to the top of the list! Although we are sad we didn’t get to take the award home we would like to congratulate the boys, because in the end it’s all for a good cause!