A New Year, A New Team, The Same Challenge

On November 4th, 2018, we played our first games of this years’ Welsh Super league. We had no idea what to expect from our new team, especially the new members who’ve never played in a proper Dodgeball game. We also suffered the loss of a vast number of our players due to them finishing their studies at Swansea including our captain and at least two members who all had a large amount of Dodgeball knowledge, great arms and were very capable at getting our opponents out.

Although we lost some formidable players we still had our breakout members from last year, one of which is our new captain, as well as some very gifted members who played in the league last year who have the experience. Our biggest concern was how our two new members who have only been playing Dodgeball since October were going to cope. Especially as the referees were going to enforce all rules, that during practice, we may have been more lenient on with more focus on them understand the main rules of play. 

Due to the fact that we were a new team we went into the game with the thought that even if we don't win as long as we get some points, a better understanding of the game and work together as a team it will be a win for us. But we also, with the hope that we might do better than last year’s team. With this in mind, we all went to the LC2 with a hugely positive attitude. 

Our first match was against the Bristol Spartans, who are a formidable team, and we played a good match against them. We unfortunately lost 16-8, however we were able to identify small issues which lost us players and ultimately points. These small issues were stepping out of bounds or holding onto the ball for too long after the count had been called. Although we lost this first game, we were incredibly happy with the result as by halftime individuals strengths were further identified and we were able to play on these strengths which allowed us to put up more points. 

Although we did not win our first match up our second match-up was against Cardiff University which we of course wanted to win. The Cardiff Hornets played differently from our first game, which changed the way we played. We had to deal with a player being put in the penalty box due to a misinterpretation by the referee, some missed calls against the opposing team, and a team that was growing tired. Despite all this our determination, honesty, and teamwork paid off when we got our first win of the season. We managed to win 13-11 in an incredibly close game.          

The team played exceptionally well for our first matches in the Super league. We are looking forward to the continual improvement of this team with hopefully more wins in the future. 

Our next fixture is Sunday 9th December in the Swansea LC2 Sports Hall, where we will be against Cardiff University Hornets B’s and Carmarthen Wizards 2s. We will be looking to climb the board from our current 5th place ranking.