‘He had it coming, he had it coming all along if you’d have been there, if you had seen it…’ these words form the musical Chicago are the words that come to mind when one is referring to the exhilarating, blood pumping event that was the Varsity Kickboxing that was held on Monday the 23rd of April.

The room was rife with tension, people were sitting at the edges of mats they were seated on as they waited with bated breath for what turned out to be a victory in Swansea’s favour for the second year in a row.

The event started off with five exhibition fights, fought by Alex Slobobdov, Shaun Chin Kee Siong and Benjamin Mattheisen, which provided an entertaining ice breaker and gave the fighters some time to warm up, gather their thoughts and also got the crowd pumping.

Following the impressive display by these gentlemen and their fights were five varsity matches which we won 3-2. Well done to Will Ashwood who started us off with a match well fought but unfortunately lost and Katka Klimankova, who was the only female fighting for Swansea, put up a good fight as well. A special mention goes to Sam Tudor who won both his points stop and continuous rounds and Jag Chadha who won his match as well.