Jiu-Jitsu year end wrap-up

We practice a traditional Japanese martial art that focuses on self-defence. It's an art which uses joint locks, throws and strikes to defend a variety of different attacks. We teach a modern form of it, adapted to take into account the sort of self-defence situations you might find yourself in today (less armour and fewer horses, more punches and pub brawl type attacks). Our classes welcome those of all abilities, shapes and experience.  Anyone can just come along on either Wednesday or Friday from 5-7pm at the Pavilion in the sports village.

In the first term alone we have gained 15+ new members with 12 of them going for their first grade, and there were no surprises when they (alongside the rest of our members grading) all passed! In addition to this we have 20+ returning members at a variety of different levels (from Yellow belt all the way to Black belt), which means that there's consistently more than 30 people showing up to each session.

The hard work paid off at our BUCS competition the ‘Atemi Nationals’ back in November where we happened to achieve our best result for years, a podium finish for us as we came 3rd overall in the men's category (1 gold, 1 Bronze and 2 fifth place finishes).

Finally, the socials this term have been very consistent and quite diverse. Some of our socials included our Christmas meal just gone, or the time we enjoyed some bowling, or when we went to the cinema, we even went ice-skating at Winter Wonderland!

However, we are at university and we do love a night out, with a few highlights being our Halloween house crawl and the MMA pub-crawl (white t-shirt social), allowing us to interact and socialise with our fellow martial arts.

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