Competition auditions success for Pole Fitness

Every year before Fall semester ends, Swansea University Pole Fitness puts on auditions for the pole competitions coming in the spring. This year, like the others, the auditions were held in the Circadian Fitness Studio in town, where regular pole classes are held. In addition to those auditions, members who couldn’t make it were allowed to send video submission, or audition at our Sunday practice.

Auditioning members of every level were encouraged to create and perform a 30 second routine/combination, with the exception of the Beginners’ classes, as they were given a combination to practice by our wonderful instructor, Alan. Starting from the Beginners category and finishing with Advanced, each member performed their combination in front of committee, Alan, and their fellow auditions.

We had a fair bit of interest this year, particularly from the Beginners, and everyone worked very hard practicing and perfecting their routine. This along with their performance in their regular pole class was taken into account as committee. In the end, we chose 13bcompetitors to compete in each category (solo, doubles, group) in every level, for each of our three competitions next year. In order, those competitions will be IUPDC in Exeter, Welsh Dragons, and Varsity, both in Cardiff.

Congratulations to all who made it!

Beginners: Ellie Holmes, Weike Xia, Kimberly Armé, Kate Brownlie, Jess Purvis, Hannah

Tozer, Kate Macilevic and Connor Lewis.

Intermediates: Sarah McIntyre and Charlotte Watkins.

Advanced: Naeema Parrott and Meg McNab.