On Saturday the 1st of December 3 of Swansea Universities finest three paddlers descended on Tees Barrage for the first time to take part in BUCS Slalom. Despite the bitter winds of North East Britain our four brave paddlers hopped on the course and took a couple of practice laps before they were set to compete later in the afternoon. Being our first time at the event we were unsure what to expect and nerves were running high after the practice laps. A gracefully short and to the point team talk given by our Slalom captain Elliot Davis quickly quashed any feeling of discomfort in the team and we were ready to descend on the course one time for the lap that counts.

With three clean and graceful runs down the course we were finished, all we had to do was wait for our times to be posted. To our dismay the results were postponed late and the suspense was almost too much for some of keen young paddlers, however results were in. Our leader and captain Elliot Davis came in at 18th in the K1 with a time of 103.6s closely followed by Tim Bevan in 26th with a time of 137.1s. Our only female paddler Mari Watkins placed in at a stonking 12th with a time of 126.9.

With that our weekend came to a close and we hopped in the car for the long drive back down to Swansea. With three fantastic results and a great platform to build on in the coming years this was a great event for the canoe club.

Athlete competing in BUCS Kayak slalmon
Swansea team at BUCS Slalmon