As a student of the School of Management, you can participate in our Employability Mentoring Scheme.

The scheme involves you working alongside a mentor to build upon your employability skills and help you to make decisions on your future career directions.

Why should I take part in the Employability Mentoring Scheme?

This is an exceptional opportunity to get real life experience from a practicing professional who can help to guide you through from University to graduate employment.

The relationship you build with your mentor could be one of the most important and enriching ones you develop over your career. Your mentor can help to guide you in your career and also help you to make important links with other professionals and companies.

How long does the scheme last?

The scheme will run for 6 months from October to March.

You as the mentee will also be required to attend a couple of training sessions to prepare you for the process. The dates, times and duration of mentoring meetings will be mutually decided between you and your mentor. These meetings may take place via email, telephone, Skype or face to face. We also recommend that you visit your mentor at their place of work and reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed.

Hear from some of our mentors and mentees