Meet our Accounting and Finance Academic Staff

Mrs Terry Filer  Head of Department / Associate Professor in Accounting 
Sarah Jones Deputy Head of Department / Programme Director
Dr Yuzhi Cai Associate Professor in Quantitative Methods
Mrs Lesley Davies Lecturer in Auditing
Dr Ashraf Elbakry Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Dr. Alisher Erkaboev Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Ms Sue Evans Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Twm Evans Senior Lecturer in Finance
Dr Rui Fan Lecturer in Finance
Dr Giulia Fantini Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
Dr Hussein Halabi Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
Dr Hark Huang Lecturer in Finance
Ms Emma James Senior Lecturer Accounting
Dr Joy Jia Lecturer in Finance
Dr Xicheng Liu Lecturer in Finance
Dr Kim Cuong Ly Lecturer in Finance
Professor Sabur Mollah Professor in Accounting and Finance
Andre Moura Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Dr Jafar Ojra Lecturer in Accounting
Mrs Karen Phillips Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Marco Realdon Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
Dr Sarosh Shabi Lecturer in Finance
Dr Syed Shabi-Ul-Hassan Senior Lecturer in Finance
Dr Wei Song Lecturer in Finance
Ms Ellen Spender Lecturer in Accounting
Mr Fritz Summer Honorary Professor
Professor Sasha Talavera Chair in Finance
Dr Katrerina Tsakou Lecturer in Finance
Mrs Linh Tran Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Vu Tran Lecturer in Finance
Dr Vineet Upreti Lecturer in Finance
Dr Dimitrius Vougas Associate Professor in Econometrics
Mrs Jo Williams Lecturer in Accounting 
Ms Tracey Williams Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Tim Zhou Lecturer in Finance