The Centre for Responsible Organisation and Social Innovation (CROSI)


The work of the Centre for Responsible Organisation and Innovation (CROSI) primarily focuses on the core themes of Social Innovation, Corporate Responsibility and Circular Economy.

Our work is inclusive of all sectors.  The centre addresses the under-researched area of ethical behaviour and social responsibility of SMEs, with particular focus on Welsh businesses.  In addition, the centre engages with social innovation and innovators.  CROSI is also working on a range of projects in the field of the Circular Economy, involving stakeholders from government, industry and the third sector.

We enjoy extensive links with a range of organisations in Wales and beyond, working on projects with BITC (Business in the Community), the Federation of Small Businesses and ION.  

The Centre is home to a vibrant community of staff and students who are currently conducting research into CSR and SMEs, the impact of CSR on education, and the emergence of Circular Economy principles through these and other connections.


CROSI is currently hosting a link to the Scientia White paper Series.  Scientia is a separate eclectic and multi-disciplinary group of researchers who have created this paper series to facilitate the dissemination of a wide range of work.  The culture is one of inclusivity, encouragement and support.

Please use the link here to access more details about the white paper series, including scope, author guidelines and submission instructions.