SMARTExpertise project with funding from the European Regional Development Fund on Developing Innovation Performance of Firms and Supply Chain Clusters

Colleagues from the School of Management and the School of Engineering are leading a SMARTExpertise project to develop the innovation performance of firms and supply chain clusters.

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The funding from the ERDF covers the time for the researchers to work with the commercial partner companies to understand what challenges they face, and how innovation management can develop solutions to address these issues to develop new commercial products, processes or services.

Delivered by Swansea University and Cardiff Metropolitan University (PDR) in a co-created partnership with businesses that are looking to develop their innovation management skills through shared RD&I in order to successfully develop new commercial Products and/or Service Systems (PSS).

The project will address common barriers to innovation such as the risk of entering new markets, and the development of new R&D with a Welsh-based manufacturing supply chain.

It will further address barriers to innovation by mitigating the financial risk associated with investment in RD&I, by developing firm level and supply-chain level knowledge and skills. The businesses will work with the researchers to deliver a system of innovation built on contemporary methods.‌‌

Please contact Gary Walpole with any questions.‌