Professor Bryn Gravenor, founder of the Management Science Department

It is with great sadness that we hear of the recent death of Professor Bryn Gravenor. Professor Gravenor was a graduate of Swansea University and went on to head the Management Science Department which evolved into the European Business Management School, the forerunner of the School of Management.

Professor Gravenor was working for the coal board as a chemist when he was encouraged, at the age of 24, to pursue a degree. Although his background was in organic chemistry, he was also intrigued by physical chemistry and then found himself working with early computing, opening up a new area of interest. Following graduation, he went on to work in industry for ten years before returning to Swansea to head a new Management Science Department. In the first year there were nine students, and with Professor Gravenor’s leadership and the student recruitment programme he developed, the number of students rose to 180. Professor Gravenor also championed the Erasmus programme and encouraged students to study languages, not just at Swansea, but with partner institutions in Europe.

Professor Marc Clement, Dean of School of Management, said:

‘Professor Gravenor was responsible for founding the Management Science Department and leading the way for the innovative School of Management we have today. With his own leadership and management skills, he was able to develop the department with the focus on creating citizens of the world. I want to ensure we continue to build on this excellent foundation in delivering world-class education and a vision to create a better world.’

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.