Blog written by: Jan Mestek

Do you know that feeling full of excitement and anticipation just before you close the door and go to an unforgettable party? We definitely do. However, the problem arises when the expectations aren't met and then you just wonder, what a waste of time it was. It was this feeling of disappointment that inspired us to start this company and start making parties in our way. Those which give you funny stories, new friends, but also a sore head. Our goal is to make the world a better place by giving people an unforgettable experience. Life is short so let's enjoy it.

How it all started

It was around the middle of April 2020 when I was self-quarantined for a 3-weeks because of Covid-19. I was quite eager to think of a business idea because every crisis brings new opportunities. One night, I was watching a random movie on Netflix called XOXO. This movie was about a music festival and a starting young DJ who made a one-hit song on YouTube and got invited to perform it live. He didn’t have a car and he had to travel to the festival by bus. While they were on their way to the festival, the bus broke down and people started to demand their money back. It was just there when it occurred to me. Is there any kind of travel agency that would do festival trips? It turned out, that there is none.

About the Rave Nation

When it comes to travelling to a music festival you have only 2 options. You can travel by public transport, but that can be tricky when you are traveling to a foreign country. Many changes, pricey tickets and limited capacity for your luggage (which needs to contain camping equipment) are among huge drawbacks of public travel.

Traveling by car may be more comfortable, but don’t forget to pay for all the different highways and tolls.

But there is also a third option. Well, hopefully will be once we became operational. Rave Nation's main product is an all in one ticket for a music festival, which will include a festival ticket, accommodation, travel ticket and various add ons. It will also provide on-site support during the trip and additional guidance. Rave Nation will bring the customers directly from the Czech Republic to the desired music festival almost for the same price as if they were travelling by car, but with the benefit of travelling with like-minded people.

Final words about the development

The business development process was long and tiring. I can’t even count how much time I spent working in total. Even though I had some materials ready before the start of this term, I have seen a positive change and progress once I started working under the applied entrepreneurship module (which I would like to recommend to everybody as it can greatly help you with your business, especially if your mentor is Dave Bolton). Suddenly, I had to deliver new results each week which greatly helped me with my work ethic. It’s ok if you can’t occasionally deliver a task on time, but once you go easy on yourself / your team and allow this to happen repeatedly, it will become a really bad habit. One piece of advice I’d like to give to anyone who thinks of starting a business - make deadlines and try to meet them.


Blog written by: Jan Mestek, BSc Business Management with a year in industry student
Date published: 02/11/2021