Go Wales Achieve Through Work Experience

A European Social Fund Project

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This project is closing on 31st October 2022. We will therefore not be enrolling any additional students on to the programme.

To find out how we can continue to support you, please email employmentzone@swansea.ac.uk.

Achieve Through Work Experience Programme

The Achieve Through Work Experience Programme is a European Social Fund initiative to create work experience opportunities for students on higher education courses in Wales who:

Are under 25 years old, in full-time education, may face barriers to gaining work experience and can say yes to at least one of the following:

  • I have a disability or work limiting health condition
  • I'm from a Black and Minority Ethnic background
  • I have caring or child-care responsibilities
  • I am in care or a care leaver
  • I'm from a low higher education participation neighbourhood.

To find out more about the Programme and eligibility criteria please visit www.gowales.co.uk or email gowales@swansea.ac.uk.

GO Wales works with all kinds of employers in Wales to create tailored, flexible work experience opportunities designed to fit around students' other commitments.  The Programme sources:

  • Work shadowing:  Up to three days of unpaid work experience where the student observes someone in their role to understand how they do their job.
  • Work tasters:  Up to four weeks of unpaid work experience where the student has the opportunity to learn about work and the working environment by observing and undertaking some tasks.
  • Work placements:  Four to six weeks of paid work experience getting hands-on experience or working on a project.

Students who take part in the Programme receive the support of an adviser to help with decisions about what kind of work experience would work best for them, help to prepare for it, learn from it and decide on their next steps.  This will improve students' chances of securing sustainable employment, further training or education on completion of their course.  Help with travel costs and other costs may be available so that doing work experience is an affordable option.

Further useful resources:

Benefits for employers:

  • If you take part in the Programme you will be supporting a student to improve their work related skills while demonstrating your corporate social responsibility and willingness to help to create a fairer society.  You will have the opportunity to talent-spot, and your organisation may benefit from new ideas.  Depending on the type of work experience you host you may have the opportunity to have a project completed.
  • Paid work placements are subsidised where appropriate.

So if you can provide an informal insight into a role or can provide a student with some practical experience we'd like to hear from you.  Visit www.gowales.co.uk or email gowales@swansea.ac.uk to find out more.

Some quotes from our students:

''Go Wales was really helpful in building my skill-set and preparing me for the world of work. My adviser was helpful and supportive throughout my whole journey of work experience and interacting with employers. Overall I would recommend Go Wales to other students to enable them to develop their skill-set and provide them with a better foundation for future employment opportunities.''

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me. I have learned so much already and am much more confident about how I can efficiently work in a team as well as how my current University studies apply to an actual work place. This has been absolutely amazing and has prepared me much more for looking towards more opportunities myself in the future”.

"The Go Wales project has really enhanced my skill-set and confidence. The process was quite simple and I was always supported by my Adviser. I feel more confident to approach other employers due to the contacts and network I built whilst taking part in the Go Wales programme. I would recommend this programme to other students. Any experience offered can help you to secure future employment."

“My experience with the GoWales program was very beneficial for my CV, I now have the relevant work experienced sought by employers and I feel more confident applying for jobs. Through GoWales I was able to gain experience in the work sector of my interest, and I now have an greater understanding of future possible roles to pursue. I had the freedom to select a work experience of my choice within the community and received continual support and advice throughout my work experience”.

"As a student with little to no relevant work experience in my field of study, I always felt at a slight disadvantage when looking for placements in the Civil Engineering industry during my first year at university. GO Wales was a jump pad for me that helped me secure the work experience I was looking for. The whole process was seamless, a week after meeting with a helpful representative I had been put in contact with a local structural engineering firm that eventually offered me a two-week work placement over the Easter period. The experience gained during that two weeks has been invaluable to me, allowing me to put what I had learnt at university to practice and gain useful contacts within the industry; highlighting this work experience on my CV also helped me obtain my year in industry placement which I am due to start this August! I would encourage anyone eligible to take part in the GO Wales initiative, many companies highly value work experience and it allows you to get a real feel for your industry; you really can't lose!"