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About SA2C

Swansea Academy of Advanced Computing (SA2C) supports research making use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other advanced computing technologies.

We have a team of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) dedicated to enabling you to run your software on HPC, and to make it run faster. We also manage the University's HPC resources, including hosting clusters in our datacentres.

About the RSEs

The RSE team at SA2C can help with a variety of aspects of utilising HPC, such as:

  • Grant application preparation: If you are applying for a grant for a project that will require HPC, and you need to evidence that your software is ready to run on it, we can run scaling tests and provide a detailed benchmark report to evidence your application. If your application is not yet ready to run on HPC, we can assist with the process of porting the application so it will.
  • Onboarding: If you have computational work that is slow enough to be a barrier to the research outputs when run on your desktop, but don't know where to start moving to HPC, talk to us and we can provide assistance and guidance with this process. Frequently this is not as difficult or daunting a task as it might seem!
  • Performance tuning: If you already have applications making use of HPC that you need to run faster, we can work with you to profile and tune your application's performance to make most efficient use of the available hardware.