The Centre is dedicated to advancing cutting-edge, internationally renowned understandings of the changing nature of urban society and space. Research undertaken within the Centre aims to develop and enhance theoretical understandings of urban space, particularly with respect to the impress of global consumer capitalism and changing media technologies.

Research focus

The Centre focuses on the advanced theorization of cities. In particular, it is concerned with developing new conceptual approaches to aid in the understanding of our increasingly complex urban societies and their increasingly global constitution. Key areas of engagement and current research specialisms include:

  • urban political economy and urban libidinal economy
  • city cultures: modern and postmodern
  • spatial applications of poststructuralism, actor-network theory, and non-representational theory
  • cities and globalization: global cities and world-city networks
  • spatio-temporal experimentation and innovative spatial practices in urban contexts
  • past, present, and future significance of media technologies for city living and urban lifestyles
  • urban visual culture and urban memory
  • financialization, subjectivity, and everyday life in cities

A broad range of other members from across campus and from other University of Wales institutions are included in the activities of the Centre.

CUT Directors

Director: Professor David Clarke

Co-Directors: Professor Marcus Doel and Dr Richard Smith

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