Swansea Science Doctoral Training Centre 

Swansea Science is a community committed to world-class research that has a positive impact globally. The Science Doctoral Training Centre fosters a growing, vibrant community of PhD students. This community is a key dynamic in our drive to be the most creative place to do science.

The DTC provides a competitive advantage to our postgraduate researchers, preparing them for industry and academe that increasingly looks for "T" shaped thinkers: deeply skilled in a discipline but who can connect broadly with others.

Funded Projects

Geography: Constraining the timing and scale of past explosive volcanism and climate change using cryptotephra preserved in Mediterranean sedimentary archives (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Mathematics: EPSRC fully-funded scholarships (x4) in Mathematics (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Mathematics: EPSRC fully-funded scholarship: Non(computability) in Linear Algebra (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Mathematics: EPSRC fully-funded scholarship: Modelling the spatial ecology of cancer (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Mathematics: EPSRC fully-funded scholarship: Approximating shapes with algebraic spline geometry (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Mathematics: EPSRC fully-funded scholarship: Analysis and numerics of stochastic partial differential equations (closing date: 1 August 2021)

Physics: Use of Raman Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Materials used in In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices (closing date: 23 July 2021)

Computer Science: UKRI CDT fully-funded Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Computing


Departmental Training is targeted at skills for specific disciplines, but are available to all Science DTC students to foster “T” shaped thinking. Opportunities include:

The Joint Visible Lunch / CODAH Seminar

The BioScience Postgraduate Seminar Series 
Topics include training on Social Media, Poster preparation, Writing papers, Peer review, R

BIOM25-Core Science Skills and 
BIOM25B-Science Skills and Research Methods 
Targeted at Bioscience and Geography Students but open to all CoS Students. Topics include Library and internet resources including WoS, Voyager, Philosophy of science, Experimental design, Ethical issues in science, Plagiarism, Databases and spreadsheets, Presentation skills (Powerpoint and graphics packages), Data analysis with SPSS and R.

BIOM31-Term Papers for Environmental Biology 
Targeted at BioScience and Geography Students but open to all CoS Students. Topics include scientific literature searches and reviews.

The College of Science Lunchtime Seminar Series

External Training is encouraged so that our students can take advantage of opportunities during their PhD, such as NERC Advanced Training Short Courses