About the Research Ethics Committee

The COS Research Ethics Committee provides a strategic overview of research ethics and governance issues within COS and in relation to other Colleges and the University.

The committee is represented by members from each department within the COS. Each department also has a sub-committee who review ethical applications from their respective departments.

The remit of the committee is to ethically review all research on human and animal* participants or where an environmental risk has been identified (When conducting research outside the UK, ethical permissions should be sought locally as well as through the College Research Ethics Committee). 

(*=As defined by ASPA 2012)


  • Research by staff or students which requires NHS research ethics scrutiny - applications will be elevated to this level if required
  • Research by staff or students which requires Animal Welfare & Ethical Review Body (AWERB) ethics scrutiny - applications will be elevated to this level if required
  • Research which does not involve human or animal* subjects or pose a risk to the environment  (such as a review of literature)
  • Research using publicly available data
  • Personal reflective practice based work

Further Information