Undergraduate receives bursary from The British Mycological Society

Rachel Stevens Undergraduate Rachel Stevens writes "This summer I will be joining Professor Butt's team as an intern and we will be studying the insect pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae. The main objectives of the project will be screening the filtrates of four strains of M. anisopliae for antibacterial activity and isolating the compounds that exhibit antibiotic properties. The following step will involve testing of the Metarhizium-derived antibiotic compounds in the larvae of the Greater Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella) against strains of Bacillus subtilis. During the final step, we will determine the impact of the antibiotics on the host's physiology, its optimum dose and the speed of clearance of the bacteria. 

I was absolutely thrilled to have received a bursary from The British Mycological Society and I am even more excited about the project I will be working on, and the people I will be working with! The BMS Undergraduate Student Bursary is usually awarded to second year students going into their third year to allow them to conduct research in any branch of mycology. The student must be registered for a degree course at an institution within the UK and the application must be made by the Supervisor on behalf of the student. I am very grateful for the opportunity and for the help I have received from Professor Butt in obtaining my bursary."

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