Tibetan Youth Exchange Programme launched

TibetXChange is a youth exchange programme between students from Swansea University and young Tibetans living in the Indian state of Sikkim which is located in the Himalayan foothills on the border with Tibet.

TIBETXCHANGEThe idea for the TibetXChange Programme came about when students from the College of Science travelled to Sikkim in October 2013 for an interdisciplinary fieldcourse and met with young Tibetans living in the capital Gangtok.

Many were shocked to learn about the situation facing the people of Tibet and the threat to Tibetan culture, religion and identity for the first time and returned to Swansea determined to do something to create an opportunity for young Tibetans to talk about their country and its future.

Students from the College are currently raising funds for five young Tibetans to spend two weeks at Swansea University in March 2014 discussing Tibetan culture, identity and politics in an international context and with a wide range of different audiences. The visit will provide an opportunity for young Tibetans to develop their skills and capacity as community leaders and to engage in international dialogue about the future of Tibet and for students at Swansea University to learn about important international issues, hear about the experience of young people growing up in very different social, cultural and political environments and develop their skills in cross-cultural dialogue.

Please contact Professor Heaven Crawley if you would like to know more about the programme and how you can become involved.