The Oriel Science outreach project launched

Swansea University's College of Science has launched a new public outreach project, Oriel Science.

Oriel Science will take snapshots of University research, craft them into compelling exhibits and place them in a dramatic setting with the aim to engage, educate and enthuse.

The project will first host pop-up exhibitions around the city based on Swansea University's science research and wider scientific themes featuring its relevance to everyday life, with the long term goal of establishing a permanent exhibition space in the city by 2020.

The project organisers are also appealing for people with an interest in science and something to share to get involved and more details on how to support the project can be found on its website.

Oriel Science director, and particle physicist, Professor Chris Allton says 'Oriel Science will open in a city centre location and will offer a place to experience the amazing science stories unfolding at Swansea University, through visceral, hands on exhibitions.

'Our visitors will learn about the science that impacts their everyday lives, both today and in the future, and be part of the incredible scientific journey the world is travelling along'.