The Computational Foundry – Seeking an Outstanding Leader

The Computational Foundry is a £31.1million investment in Swansea for the region, Wales and the world and is charged with exploring new society-centred understandings of the material that will shape much of future living, globally: data, algorithms, hardware and software.

Computational FoundryIt will establish an internationally renowned, digital ecosystem for world-class computational research leaders that bring together interdisciplinary research and grand challenges for the economy and society under the three themes of Sustaining Life; Enhancing Life; and Securing Life.  

The Computational Foundry will be a bespoke environment built from the ground up to house Computational Scientists within the heart of the Bay Campus.  It will house a modern state-of-the-art centre enabling world class researchers to carry out focussed research.  It will include research and development laboratories, postgraduate and researcher areas, specialist teaching and research facilities, lecture theatres, as well as networking and inspiration space.  It will be kitted out with world leading experimental set-ups, equipment, devices and prototypes that will accelerate innovation.  It will also provide the most up-to-date and high quality teaching facilities.  The expansion will enable the College of Science at Swansea to grow and deliver new, meaningful and lucrative research, alongside existing teaching and outreach activity.

We are currently seeking a Foundry Director, who will have significant input in the process of recruiting key researchers and teams.  The Director will be responsible for ensuring the Foundry is a beacon for computational science and the digital economy, connecting with, and drawing in, leading collaborators globally.  The Foundry Director will be a leader who has strongly shaped the world of computational science and the digital economy with a strong focus on interdisciplinary working including the value of mathematically orientated perspectives.  It is likely that they will have worked on highly impactful research challenges with demonstrable impact on society and the economy.

The Computational Foundry is backed by £17.1million from the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government.

If you would like any further information about the Computational Foundry operation, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Computer Science, Prof Arnold Beckmann, the Head of Mathematics Prof Biagio Lucini or the Project Manager, Dr Sherryl Bellfield.