Texting 'most popular form of contact' on its 20th anniversary

Professor Matt Jones, of the Future Interaction Technology Lab at Swansea University, is quoted in an article on Wales Online about how technology is changing behaviours on the 20th anniversary of the first SMS text message‚Ä®.

Professor Jones, who specialises in understanding how people use mobiles, is optimistic about the way technology is changing behaviours.

He said: “Humans are social beings and have eagerly adopted every new technology to stay in touch - people like to text but of course still meet up, they chat over Skype and tweet but also want to watch the rugby together on a large screen at a pub.

“You only have to look at the joy, energy and fun at the Olympics to see people crave company and shared experience.

“Texting doesn't make people less social it just changes how we keep connected. Communication technologies that are cheaper, easier or have some other benefits increase in popularity over forms that are more expensive, slower or less direct.

“And it’s interesting that reports show texting is declining as people use social networking to a greater extent”.

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