Swansea University gains membership of European Connected Health Alliance

Technology-driven healthcare is a global vision, and there is no doubt that Swansea University, with its world-class research facilities and significant talent base, is rapidly growing its position in the global medical technology sector.

The University’s recent membership to the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA) will give this growth a boost, with access to a unique partnership of industry, academia and government bodies, including some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and key healthcare regulatory bodies.

With offices in Belfast and Finland, the ECHA is a non-profit initiative designed to support and promote the wider adoption of healthcare, products, services, applications and innovation.

Jay Doyle, Techealth Impact Facilitator in the Department of Computer Science at the University, said: “The University has a unique critical mass of technology-driven healthcare projects. ‘Techealth’ is a rapidly developing strand for the University, encompassing world-leading research in medical device safety and Big Data, through projects such as CHI+MED (Computer-Human Interaction for Medical Devices, and CIPHER (Centre for Improving Population Health through e-Health Research).

“Our vision is to develop a technology collaborative around these core research activities and continue to help shape global healthcare and improve patient safety.

“Our new membership with the ECHA means that anyone from within Swansea University can tap into a wealth of resources, seminars, networking and collaboration opportunities. This is a timely opportunity with the launch of Horizon 2020 funding. Our research makes a substantial contribution to the innovation ecosystem, and expanding our collaboration opportunities will help accelerate the adoption of healthcare technology, driving economic growth and development within Wales and beyond”.

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