Swansea research honoured at Impact Awards

The 2015 Swansea University Impact Awards held on June 18, paid tribute to projects ranging from the Connected Communities initiative that celebrates the history of the Swansea Valley and beyond, to the development of novel light therapies used to treat a range of skin conditions.

Labmate Online reports on the 2015 Swansea University Impact Awards held on June 18 which was hosted by broadcaster and Swansea University graduate, Jason Mohammad.

The event, which attracted 165 guests also featured a presentation by the 65 Degrees North team, who earlier this year achieved the world's first unsupported crossing by amputee Lance Corporal Peter Bowker. The challenge across Greenland's Ice Cap was aided by Swansea University researchers.

Winners at the event included Prof. Matt Jones, Dr Jennifer Pearson and Dr Simon Robinson, Department of Computer Science, College of Science. For their research on “Empowering rural digital communities”they received the BBC Research and Development Award for Outstanding Impact on Professions, Practices and Services.