Swansea physicists organise Edinburgh workshop at the Higgs Centre

The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics is holding a workshop on "Strongly interacting dynamics beyond Standard Model and the Higgs boson"

Swansea Physicists organise Edinburgh WorkshopFollowing the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, there has been a surge of activity aimed at understanding whether this particle is elementary or has a composite structure. This is a fundamental physics question that will help us to uncover possible new interactions beyond the known ones. To make progress in our understanding of the nature of the Higgs boson, Swansea's physicists Prof. Biagio Lucini and Dr. Maurizio Piai and Edinburgh-based Prof. Luigi Del Debbio are organising the workshop "Strongly Interacting Dynamics beyond the Standard Model and the Higgs Boson" at the Higgs Centre, University of Edinburgh, April 24-26. This workshop brings together renowned experts from different areas of Particle Physics with a common interest in strongly interacting dynamics beyond the standard model as a mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking (which is responsible for providing mass to the mediators of the weak force). The main objective of this meeting is to promote a significant advance in the field of beyond the Standard Model strong dynamics (one of the most accredited theories for physics beyond the known interactions) by facilitating the synergy among apparently different but strictly interconnected sub-fields of Theoretical Particle Physics.

More: https://higgs.ph.ed.ac.uk/workshops/strongly-interacting-dynamics-beyond-standard-model-and-higgs-boson