Swansea particle physicists organise two annual summer conferences

This summer, members of the particle physics theory group are involved in the organisation of two major international conferences taking place in the UK.

The 34th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (Lattice 2016) will commence at Southampton University on July 24 and is co-organised by Biagio Lucini (Maths) and Gert Aarts (Physics). With more than 400 participants, this annual meeting brings together theoretical and computational physicists working on the strong nuclear force and related areas. The location rotates between Europe, the Americas and Asia/Australia and, after Edinburgh (1997), it is only the second time the conference will take place in the UK. 

Immediately afterwards, those interested in the strong force under extreme conditions can move to Plymouth University, for the 14th International workshop on QCD in eXtreme conditions (XQCD 2016). This meeting, with over 70 participants, is co-organised by Simon Hands (Physics), with Gert serving on the International Advisory Committee. Again this workshop took place in the UK once before, namely in Swansea  in 2005.

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