Swansea Particle Physicists on BBC Radio Wales Science Cafe

Members of Swansea's Particle Physics Theory group in the College of Science, Professors Biagio Lucini (Head of Mathematics), Simon Hands and Gert Aarts (both Physics), appeared on BBC Radio Wales Science Cafe, to discuss Particle Physics and High-Performance Computing in the context of two major annual summer conferences they are co-organising.

Gert, Simon and BiagioThis week the 34th annual "International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory" (Lattice 2016) takes place in Southampton, with 420 participants from around the world, and it will be immediately followed by the "14th International workshop on QCD in eXtreme conditions" (XQCD 2106) in Plymouth.

In the programme, they will discuss the tremendous progress seen in the past decade in the understanding of the strong nuclear force, due to both algorithmic breakthroughs and the increased availability of the high-performance computing facilities, such as those provided via HPC Wales.