Swansea mathematician visits Italy, Poland and Denmark

As a part of his research leave during the Michaelmas Term 2015, Professor Tomasz Brzezinski visited Italy (Trieste), Poland (Bialystok) and Denmark (Odense).

 The one-month visit to Scuola Internazionale Superiore  di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) in Trieste was funded by Gruppo Nazionale di Fisica Matematica of INdAM (Italy). While based at SISSA, Tomasz collaborated with Professor Ludwik Dabrowski there, gave invited addresses at international conferences at Ferrara and Trieste, a lecture at the Noncommutative Geometry Seminar at the host institution, and visited University of Trieste (Professor Giovanni Landi).

The three-week visit to Bialystok was a part of an initiative to forge closer links between mathematicians at Swansea University and the universities in Bialystok (University of Bialystok and the Bialystok University of Technology) that might result in future student and staff exchange. The Mathematics Department at the University of Bialystok is located at a newly opened Science Campus which consists of four connected buildings in a wooded area of Bialystok and hosts faculties of Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, respectively. Tomasz found it as an excellent example of the university creating perfect atmosphere for collaboration between different science disciplines while taking care about specific individual needs of each of these disciplines. During his visit to Bialystok, Tomasz delivered the first part of a graduate course on “Hopf-Galois Theory” (the second part will be delivered in spring 2016) as well as lectures at  the departmental colloquium (University of Bialystok) and the algebra seminar (University of Technology).

Finally, one-week visit to the University of Southern Denmark at Odense (funded by the Mathematics Department there) concentrated on an on-going collaboration with Professor Wojciech Szymanski. The visit also included a lecture at the departmental seminar.