Swansea Computers' Second Life in African Schools

The Department of Geography and the College of Engineering have donated computer equipment to I.T. Schools Africa.

Boxes for Chipasula School LlongweThrough an initiative of Claudio D'Onofrio (Engineering), Natascha Kljun (Geography), and Anna Pigott (Geography, formerly SU Sustainability Team), the Department of Geography and the College of Engineering have donated 74 computers, 85 monitors, and lots of unused computer accessories to I.T. Schools Africa. This became possible when two large student PC labs were upgraded with new equipment. 

In a team effort, the College of Science and Engineering IT teams made sure that the computers were in mint condition and wiped off any data. Postgrads from the Department of Geography helped carry the many packets that Claudio, Natascha, and Anna made ready for shipping, and last but not least, Carillion supported the action by providing free transport of the equipment to the hub of I.T. Schools Africa (many thanks to Ian Worley and Rob Turner). 

chipasula school llongwe classroomThe charity I.T. Schools Africa made it possible for these computers to be used in schools in Malawi (Chipasula Secondary School in Llongwe) and Zambia, rather than ending up at the tip. These schools so far had only a handful of working computers available for several hundreds of pupils, and are very thankful for having received the Swansea University computers. The equipment helped transforming two schools in Africa, giving the pupils essential IT skills that will greatly enhance their job prospects when they leave school.

This action has been a big success and we hope that in future Swansea University will donate more disused computer equipment to allow for the improvement in IT education in African countries.