Successful Gower Field Meeting

Dr John Hiemstra and Dr Rick Shakesby of the Department of Geography hosted a very successful QRA-GLWG Field Meeting on the Gower Peninsula from 22 - 25 October 2015.

QRA-GLWC field meetingIt was organised on behalf of the Quaternary Research Association (QRA) and the Glacial Landsystems Working Group (GLWG). Dr Geraint Owen and Professor Danny McCarroll, also of the Department of Geography, contributed.

Nearly 50 people (mainly research scientists and students but also members of the general public) attended the meeting. The delegates came from across Britain, but also included several from Ireland and Norway. The meeting’s central theme was the timing, style and extent of glaciations that have affected the Gower peninsula, but there were also archaeological ‘intermezzos’ in which human occupation and activities before and after the last glaciation were considered. There were vigorous discussions at some of the sites, many of which led to interesting new insights that will undoubtedly feature in future research publications.