Students attend a pre-CERN workshop at Swansea

Pupils from Cyfarthfa High School attended the event in March in preparation for their once in a lifetime trip to CERN.

Pre-CERN workshop March 2016 and the LHCPupils were able to take part part in lectures and hands-on demonstrations on the fundamentals of particle physics by Swansea Physics lecturers so that they could make the most of their amazing CERN experience - a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Professor Niels Madsen from the Department of Physics at Swansea was on hand at CERN to show the students around the complex experimental facility where they were able to experience the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) close-up. The 24 pupils, aged between 15-19 learnt about the world's most powerful particle accelerator and the discovery of the Higgs boson which has been fundamental to our understanding of the nature of matter and antimatter. Students also had the opportunity to attend lectures and meet expert scientists and engineers.

During their four day trip to Switzerland, the students also had a chance to visit the French Alps and explore the ice caves located in Mont Blanc.

Teacher Kerry Richards was inspired to organise the trip through her own visit to CERN in 2015, when Kerry was one of 16 teachers from across Wales to be invited to attend.

Speaking before the visit, Kerry, science teacher at Cyfarthfa High School, said: “Visiting for the first time was an incredible experience and it really enabled me to further my understanding of particle physics.

“I’m looking forward to exploring the site again with the students and exploring the fantastic career opportunities available from studying science.

“I know that they are going to come back with a wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire fellow students and encourage them to embrace the world of science.”